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Point-Click Camera (iPhone)

Preview demo


Compatible with: Unity iPhone/iPad 1.7

Top-Down Camera Kit with the following features:

  • Point-click control over character
  • Easily switch character(s)
  • Follow mode can be turned on/off
  • Browse the map in 'free cam mode'
  • Adjustable screen edges (mouse)

This phenomenal top-down camera helps you to quickly build your top-down game. Be it an RPG, turn based, tower defense or point & click game, this is what you need! If you're working on a RTS though, we recommend out RTS Camera Kit. 

There is also an non-iPhone version of this kit available! iPhone versions work in Unity iPhone, and will automatically adjust for an iPhone or iPad screen, so whether you're making iPhone or iPad games, these camera kits are for you! Watch the videos for more details.

This prefab is coded in JavaScript

PREVIEW: Since iPhone versions don't export to browser, the preview is taken from the non-iphone version.

Added on September 26, 2010 in Code


Indie license 25
Commercial license 55

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@TornadoTwins the iPhone RTS kit you had for sale (NOT THE PRO RTS KIT) you had one I bought a while back. Question:

  1. Can you select multiple units?
  2. If so how do you set that up with the kit?
  3. Is there more documentation on it.

PS I would get the PRO RTS, but my school projects are iPhone based. Any help is greatly appreciated.

on December 16, 2010


Let me try this another way since my original question was not answered.

  1. I have a Drag N Drop script attached to some cubes
  2. I am able to drag them around in basic scene
  3. When I try to do the same using the Point and Click controller scene
  4. It does not work.. only the camera moves and my "cubes" do not detect the drag n drop

How can I add drag and drop in my scene using the Point and Click controller?

thanks for any help.

on December 30, 2010



Hey Andre,

The prefab doesn't come with drag-drop functionality, so you'll have to implement this yourself using this prefab as a base. When doing this, it's good to keep in mind that there's already code in place to catch tap-behaviors, this may conflict with yours, depending on how you implement it.

Now, it's of course understandable that we can't help everyone with implementing custom code using our prefab as a base, since there's hundreds of people making games using our prefabs. We do however offer custom work, for hourly wages, should you decide that this is the way to go for your firm.


Efraim (TT)

on December 30, 2010


@TornadoTwins i also bought the RTS camera back you had a while back and i have an error with it using unity 3 it says in Camera_RTS that "ContainsPosition" is not a member of "Joystick", any help would be greatly appreiceated.

on December 31, 2010


nvm figured it out

on December 31, 2010


does anyone know if this prefab works with unity 3 iphone?

on March 29, 2011



Can the camera angle be changed so it isn't always top-down and it still retain the functionality of clicking to move the character on the map? Examples would be games like "The Longest Journey" or think early "Resident Evil", but without shooting. Seems like this would work, but just wanted to make sure.

Thanks, Jason

on May 1, 2011