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3rdP Overview Cam (iOS)

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Compatible with: Unity 3.x, Unity3 iOS, Unity3 Pro, Unity3

3RD Person camera kit with the following features:

  • Controls relative to camera-angle (Not the player!)
  • Adjustable speeds (in-air, on-ground)
  • Camera doesn't go through walls/ceilings
  • Tweak-able mouse speeds and invert-Y
  • Replaceable character mesh and view-angles

Often, you can tell how good the code is by how smooth the game feels. This 3rd person camera for example is a smooth piece of work. The camera will never go through walls and follows the player gently. In this package, the camera will follow the player indirectly. If you're looking for more of an over-shoulder based 3rd person camera, check out '3rd Person Player Cam'. Both are equally awesome!

This iOS version works in Unity iOS, and will automatically adjust for an iPhone or iPad screen, so whether you're making iPhone or iPad games, these camera kits are for you! Watch the videos for more details.

NOTE: iPhone versions don not have web-previews, so the preview is taken from the standalone version - same functionality, different controls

Added on September 19, 2010 in


Indie license 24
Commercial license 45

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Hi!!! How does this kit behave with the screen.width on the iPad? Should I have to tweak the code or is it adjustable by itself?

Thanks and keep on the good work!!

on December 7, 2010


@Pixelmoon It should adjust by itself, but not this is a 1.6 prefab, we're having to upgrade it to 3.0 so it may not behave as advertised on 3.0

on December 7, 2010


@Tornadotwins thanks for the reply...I´m on 3.0 so I´ll stay tuned for update.


on December 8, 2010


This prefab has been entirely rebuilt for Unity3.0 iOS. Updates have been sent. Enjoy! -TT

on June 22, 2011

Hi, can someone please tell me where I'd put my animations in the script for this prefab please, as I've tried like below but then animation just keeps going eve though the joystick is not being used, and I have un-checked play animation automatically, and also tried animation once with no luck .. Help please, thanks.

//Calculate and normalize movement vector var movement : Vector3;

if(movementJoystick) //If movement joystick exists { movement = movementJoystick.GetAxis(); //Get movement joystick axis animateCntrl.Walk(); }

Then animateCntrl is a var to a script containing all my animations.

on July 5, 2011


Hello. I am trying to get my animations to work but nothing happens. I have a script that uses the Character Controller Component for my animations but when I add a character controller to the player, it quits moving all together. I had my animations working with the standard 3rd person camera that comes with Unity so i know they work, how should I go about getting them to work with this Prefab?

on July 10, 2012


This prefab is mostly a control structure / camera movement solution. Animation support isn't integrated to keep the price low. However, in order to do animation, I recommend making the graphic invisible (turn the renderer off) and make your character a child of the graphic. Now, a simple script can measure inputs and take care of animations and blending. If you need help, please contact our support team and one of our staff would be more than willing to help you with integration into your game. Depending on what type of integration, hourly rates may apply of course.

on July 11, 2012


Hello - I want to purchase this but the commercial license says $45 above in the Buy section , but when I click add it shows as $55 in paypal window? Can you please fix this.

on April 24, 2013


It keeps saying "unknown identifier 'i' " how do i fix????

on September 15, 2013


Hi, does this prefab work with mecanim's Animator?

on January 16, 2014