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Compatible with: Unity3 Android, Unity3 Pro, Unity3

What is UniSave?

Well, UniSave is a component based save extension for Unity. It allows you save progress or changes made in your game to a file, and load it back in when needed. It does this on a per component basis, which means you tell it which components it should save. It uses a .NET implementation of Google’s efficient serialization format called Protocol Buffers.

This is how it works:

UniSave comes with a component called State. When adding this component to a game object, it will show you a list of the supported components on the game object. You can then select the components you want to save from the list. To initiate the saving process, you only have to call UniSave.Save(saveName).

UniSave supports 53 built-in components out of the box. You can add support for your own components by creating a separate file called a serialization file for your custom component, which is relatively easy to do, and UniSave has some templates to show you how to do this. (It’s also described in the manual).

The source code of everything is included. This is especially useful for the built-in components, because when a new version of Unity is released, and adds new properties to a component, you can update the UniSave serialization file for it yourself, so you won’t have to wait for an official update.

UniSave can save both game objects that are created at design time, and instantiated/created at runtime. So if, for example, you instantiate a wooden box during the game that has a State component attached to it, move it around, and then save the game, it would remember the game object’s existence and its location, and recreate it when you load the save file. On top of that, UniSave also remembers when a game object was deleted from the scene. For example, if you have a weapon in your scene, and it gets destroyed when you pick it up, UniSave will remember that the item was destroyed if it has a State component attached to it.

Supported platforms: - Windows - Mac - Android

Unity 3.5.x is required.

Feature list: - Supports 53 built-in Unity components out of the box - State component lets you select which components to save - Save and load with UniSave.Save(saveName) and UniSave.Load(saveName) - Saves data to a file you can easily backup or share - Saves design time & runtime game object data - Removes destroyed game objects from the scene when loading a file - Changeable loading screen - Expandable component support - Checkpoint prefab that creates an autosave file - Save File Information (an API method that returns information about save files) - Saving & Loading callbacks - Includes all source code, written in C#

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Can I use this to save custom Characters from my selection screen so that they can be loaded into the main game level?

on August 11, 2012


@Venged If you mean being able to save progress with a selected character, then yes, UniSave can do that.

on August 12, 2012


Does this save arrays and lists? My main character travels with a team of other custom characters.

on October 12, 2013