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cInput 2 Scriptable Input Manager (Version 2.4.0)

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Compatible with: Unity 3.x, Unity3 Pro, Unity3

cInput is a custom input manager for Unity which effectively replicates, improves, and therefore replaces Unity's built-in input manager. In other words, it does virtually everything Unity's input manager does and more. Not only that, but cInput is easier to use and perhaps most importantly it allows you to change controls at runtime!

cInput works with gamepads, steering wheels, keyboard, mouse, etc...

Update 2.4.0 includes: •cInput is now compatible with iOS, Android, and Flash. •Improved efficiency (less CPU overhead). •Fixed key & axis mapped to same input causing KeyUp to fire instantly. (Thanks to goodhustle) •Added read-only public bool “scanning” as getter for the private bool “_scanning” (Thanks to goodhustle)

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Commercial license 75

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This is amazing! Great job!

on June 20, 2012


It would be nice if it was free :|

on July 11, 2012