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3rdP Overview Cam (JS)

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Compatible with: Unity 2.6

3RD Person camera kit with the following features:

  • Controls relative to camera-angle (Not the player!)
  • Adjustable speeds (in-air, on-ground)
  • Camera doesn't go through walls/ceilings
  • Tweak-able mouse speeds and invert-Y
  • Replaceable character mesh and view-angles

Often, you can tell how good the code is by how smooth the game feels. This 3rd person camera for example is a smooth piece of work. The camera will never go through walls and follows the player gently. In this package, the camera will follow the player indirectly. If you're looking for more of an over-shoulder based 3rd person camera, check out '3rd Person Player Cam'. Both are equally awesome!

There is also an iPhone version of this kit available! iPhone versions work in Unity iPhone, and will automatically adjust for an iPhone or iPad screen, so whether you're making iPhone or iPad games, these camera kits are for you! Watch the videos for more details.

Added on September 19, 2010 in Code


Indie license 15
Commercial license 45

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Great Prefab! I just have one question:

How would I adjust it so that when your done running or walking the capsule collider will stop? Right now if I release the WSAD keys the capsule collider or player will slide across the floor and then finally stop.

I wrote but still haven't received a response I know your guys are busy creating great stuff but I need a quick fix on this.

on February 26, 2011


Hmmm...It works fine in my game mine. I replace the player with my own object...I am using Snow Leopard to test it.

on March 12, 2011


This prefab has been entirely revamped. Updates have gone out to customers. Enjoy!

on June 22, 2011