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The Unplugged: Hardcover Book (Signed)

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CHAPTER 1 Software development drains money and eats time, especially when you encounter changes. Clients change their minds and so do you. Without going into tedious change-management tips, this chapter shows you how to use changes to your advantage instead of letting it block your progress.

CHAPTER 2 Getting inescapably practical, this chapter gives you a design process that fits every company and developer. You are given the keys to use this process internally and in smart communication with clients. It gives you a clean structure while protecting you from flip-flopping clients... and from yourself.

CHAPTER 3 There's a secret to software development. When you zoom in on how you develop, you will find that one particular part of the process is the key to all others. This chapter reveals it.

CHAPTER 4 "Writer's block" happens to software developers too. This incredibly practical chapter shows you how to defeat it by using a technique the author has used in the companies he has successfully founded.

CHAPTER 5 Software-design-tools have gotten stuck since the 90s. Although user-interface possibilities have ballooned, there are hardly any breakthrough tools for software designers themselves. We are trying to create new software with old tools. This chapter introduces new yet proven tools, straight from the trenches.

CHAPTER 6 Tech-balancing stands for a collection of techniques that help you focus on what you are good at, while making sure the tedious parts of your job get done too... just not by you! This closing chapter unveils the trick of becoming completely Unplugged.

Click here to download the first chapter.

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Love your stuff guys, cant buy your book though cause the paypal people dont recognize a vanilla visa gift card. I buy these to use online because they dont require personal info to activate. Most purchases are no problem. can you help?

on January 11, 2012


PS they think the price is 20. not 25 to include shipping. I hope soon you accept your own credit cards (and vanilla visa) so I can buy some of your cool prefabs when im ready to use them. Thanks and keep being cool.

on January 11, 2012


Always excited about ur guys stuff :D I guys truly did find your calling, and I think everyone on this site agrees :)

on January 11, 2012


Great first chapter. I really like your tips. It was just a little bit hard to follow, and I don't know how much you can cover, but the first chapter didn't cover that much. I enjoyed it though. I have a question. I am already in the early late stage of my game that i am developing. Is it to late to start using the techniques in the book?

on January 11, 2012


@Jediaction: I hear ya. No, it's not too late to read the philosophies in our little book, at any phase. In fact, we developed them while working on a ton of projects at the same time. I'm pretty sure it will give you some fresh outlooks on how to approach projects, clients, development or any creative roles, but you don't have to throw what you're already doing overboard.

@Iteratorandroid Sorry for not mentioning the shipping costs, I've added it in the description. For world-wide shipping, it isn't too bad though, isn't it? ;-) The credit card thing is something I'll need to talk about with the other founders as well.

on January 11, 2012


@Dylan56477 Thanks for the kind words bro!

on January 11, 2012



on January 11, 2012


Waiting for PDF version.

on July 10, 2012


@donzen Please contact support if you haven't gotten your PDF ebook download immediately, unless you've used an echeck with PayPal which may take up to 15 days to clear. -E

on July 11, 2012


I want to buy this, but is it a book or an e-book? I would prefer the electronic version...

on September 11, 2012