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Mobile Handy Enemy AI Script Pack

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Compatible with: Unity 3.x, Unity3 Android, Unity3 iOS, Unity3 Pro, Unity3

Mobile Melee Enemy AI Script Pack: by Jonay Rosales González A.K.A. DonBarksGheist

Want to make zombie defense games, tower defense games or something more interesting for mobile devices and you need a simple but efficient AI System for your enemies?

Here you have what you need in 3 simple steps: 1. Drag and drop one of the two AI behaviors that includes this pack to your enemies 2. Configure all its stats: life, max objects and rate that he drops when dies, movement speed, etc. 3. Prepare the waypoints and spawnpoints on all the scenario according to your needs.

And finally, they´ll be ready for: * pursuit the player wherever he goes * Patrol. * Shoot weapons, reload it, and go after you if they ran out of ammo.

  • Posibility for use in 2D and 3D Games and the mayority of game genres.
  • 2 Configurable AI Scripts for attach to your enemies, prepared and optimized for Mobile System (iOS and Android) with several parameters for customize: x Handy AI: simple behavior AI that follows and attack the player without avoid obstacles. x Smart AI: Enemies search the fastest way to the player navigating through waypoints and, if don´t see the player, patrol the area.
  • All the code is written in C#.
  • All the code is 100% compatible for use in other platforms.
  • Simple and Configurable Spawn Director, with random “Spawn-Rate” change.
  • Almost 1100 Lines of Code divided on 18 Scripts.
  • Included Main Scripts for set up game rules and seetings and Debug Scripts.
  • Free Updates and great feedback: Tell me what you want in this Script Pack and I´ll put on the next update release.

Package Contents: - All the art assets and prefabs necessary for testing - An Example Scene for test the AI. - Almost 1100 Lines of code in 18 Scripts:

For more feedback, proposals, other products and much more:

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