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3D Top Down Shooter GameKit

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Compatible with: Unity 3.x

3D Top Down Shooter By Jonay Rosales González AKA Don Barks Gheist

50% discount; normally $100 - now only $49

This version of the top down shooter gamekit helps you make a very addictive top down shooter in 3D; similar to popular games like Minigore and Guerilla Bob.

This package will help you to shorten the development process of your game with more than 1500 lines of code divided in 40 Scripts that include:

• 2 types of player control: Typical Top Down shooter and Over-The-Top Third pPerson shooter (Like ShadowGrounds games).

• 2 Game Modes: Stage Mode and Survival Mode, including a “Bonus Level” (Only added in Stage Mode).

• A fully customizable AI with a large variety of parameters, that allow various types of actions for the enemies, like melee attack, shooting or jump over the player and more... NEW: Added a new variation of the script with object avoidance.

• A simple but very effective Spawn Director, that allows spawn enemies and items.

• Five Weapons divided in 3 types of shoot: Proyectiles, particles(FlameThrower) and explosives.

• An arcade-like Stage Clear Scene. • Dozens of global variables for gameplay settings and player stats. • 5 types of items and an enemy loot script that lets you configure the drop item game of every type of enemy (prefab = type of enemy). • NEW: a customizable Melee weapon script. • And more...

Package Content: • 3 test scenes: Control Type 1, Control Type 2 and Stage Clear. • All necesary art resources for prototyping. • 40 ready to use scripts

Update to version 1.0.1, Fixed some critical errors: • Fixed shoot,shoot2 and shoot 3 scripts, now palyer cannot shoot once he dies • Fixed character control 2 and character rotation scripts, now player can´t rotate or move when he dies

27/3/11 Updated to version 1.1, Added New Features - Character Controller and Character Controller 2 scripts: Added new properties that controls player velocity variation depending on character orientation. - Added a new AI script with the next different features: /Added Object avoidance, with a bunch of parameters for set up. /Changed the Enemy walk behaviour, customize the rotation parameter to set the speed that rotates for go to your position. - Added a melee attack script. You can control the time in the attack animation that the weapon makes damage. You must attach it to a Game Object with trigger collider

1/6/11 Updated to version 1.2, Added New Features Version 1.2: Added the next features: - Character Controller and Character Controller 2 scripts: / now you have total control of all the animation indexes for fit it in your own Animation Behaviour Script. - Character Life Meter script: / Added a new parameter DestroyPlayer, if activated, player disappear in 10 seconds. / Added Enemy Prefabs(aleluya!!!). - And some little fixes on AIScript and BulletScript

Updated the next features: - Updated the 2 test scenes, now are 100% ready for testing.

you can get the new versions automatically each time that I update this Gamekit. If you have not received yours, please contact the Team

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Indie license 49
Commercial license 90

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basically a complete game, nice work.

on April 5, 2011


just purchased, like it, but would be cool if demo scene was included as well in package.

on April 5, 2011


Agree with Etomp10291... I haven't tried this yet tho. Looking forward to buy it next month when i get time to look at it.

However, those who buy this is either lazy and/or bad at the Unity3D program so it would be best if there is a Demo scene in the package... Or just a tutorial file which explains how it all works etc.


on April 13, 2011


it would have been nice if you could include the demo scene ? the best thing is to see how to modify an game and learn. so could you add an demo scen to it ?

on April 19, 2011


it will cost time, but i´m making a new demo scene with own graphics and models, apart of the new features that i´ll add the next update. I think that in almost 45-60 days i´ll publish the new update.

on April 19, 2011


okej, I will buy this in like 4 hours from now. just so that you know when you reach level 3 on your demo you can't move the hero at all. like if he is stuck. You have really done an nice job and i will buy it and see if i can learn something from this. keep up the good job man

on April 20, 2011


to be honest with you the "guide" that you have added is not telling you much. An good thing would have been to add an demo scen to this so that you can look and see how everything would be. The only thing that this guide does is telling you what all the option does. not how to setup the HERO character. "Use the prefabs and example scenes added on the pack for learn how to implement your charcter to the respective control set-ups."

there is no such thing a demo scen on this. So please make an update to this and include an demo scen to it

on April 24, 2011


Update 1.2 Released with major fixes and updates!!!

on June 5, 2011


if anyone have problems downloading the new Update of this product, please PM me.

on June 27, 2011


Problems sending the new update was sucefully fixed, all purchasers will be emailed by GamePrefabs with the latest Update. Sorry for the inconveniences.

on June 27, 2011


Want to buy at the 50% discount but it's showing up as $99.

on August 5, 2011


Well, out of curiosity, I hit "commercial" and it came up at $45.

on August 5, 2011


erm... I mean $49.

Sorry about triple posting here. ;(

on August 5, 2011


One Question: is there a working jump script in this bundle?

I mean I have a character with various animations including jump, can I use this pack to make him jumping?

on February 27, 2012


Are the models included in this package? :).

on October 10, 2011


nope, due to the example´s models license therms,

on October 10, 2011


i want buy indie license 49 but thats 99 in paypal ... :s

on October 12, 2011


I´ll talk to game prefabs ASAP for solve the problem. Thanks for your feedback

on October 14, 2011


Iphone version?

on November 10, 2011


iOS/Android Version(the newest) is this:

I have problems to upload the new version of Mobile TopDown Shooter Gamekit on Game Prefabs (have ~170MB due to bonus content and had problems to upload). So for the moment, you can purchase it on asset store at 125$ (new version is coming this week with in-game shop and Improved AI).

on November 10, 2011


Quick review: I have purchased this gamekit about five months ago. It is a great buy. My current talents lean towards creation and animation of game models/objects. I do know the Unity basics and also know how to read and understand JavaScript. These scripts has saved me a lot of time and frustration. I used it as a foundation for my first game. Of course I had to: customized a lot of it, add more scripts to make the game more enjoyable, re skinned all the art assets, while adding more art models.
I would like to say thank you for creating this. It was a great help. I truly appreciate it. (I have used these scripts with Unity 3.5.3 and 3.5.5)

on August 14, 2012


Any documentation or anything ?

on January 24, 2013