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FX Pack: Light Rays

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Compatible with: Unity 3.x, Unity3 Android, Unity3 iOS, Unity3 Pro, Unity3

Although Unity 3.x's built-in lightrays are pretty cool, there's a couple of problems with them:

  • They require Unity Pro (expensive)
  • They are pretty heavy on drawcalls/framerate
  • They're not great for mobile / device games
  • You may not want your rays to be dependent on the position of the sun

This particle pack solves these problems: light rays that are based on fading meshes rather than rendering effects. Simply position the light-rays where you want them: a dungeon shaft, light through the trees and so on.

The rays come with slow-moving light projection on the floor to create a tinkling effect where you want the rays to have their impact.


PS: This particle effect prefab was created for TornadoTwins by Alex, a pro tech artist that worked on games for Marvel and others.

Added on February 24, 2011 in


Indie license 15
Commercial license 35

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Can you provide a sample scene in package

on February 24, 2011


@Imtrobin: The preview scene in the browser is made by simply dragging the prefab to the screen (0,0,0) and adding a cube underneath it (size: 10, .2, 10 position: 0, -2, 0) that's all really (and a script for the camera of course).

on February 25, 2011


What's with the rays of light not being straight?

on March 9, 2011


I purchased this for use in an iPad game, but found that it is way too processor intensive due to the use of multiple light sources or how it is created. After adding even one instance of this to my game the frame rate dropped from 29 down to like 6! I would not recommend purchasing this for a mobile game.

on May 21, 2011


how to use this asset please make a video tutorial!!!

on May 14, 2012