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FX Pack: Dune Blast (Sand Storm)

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Compatible with: Unity 2.6, Unity 3.x, Unity iPhone/iPad 1.7, Unity 2.6 and 3.0, Unity3 Android, Unity3 iOS, Unity3 Pro, Unity3, Unity 2.6 Pro

Nothing spells hurricane like a kork-dry blast of sand!

Spice up your level with a little bit of real life by whipping sand off the dunes. Simply tweak the speed of the particle movement and the density to create the effect you're after.

Great for slow-moving distance particles as well as up close: the closer you get the more you can see the slight light tinkles that bring this prefab right to pro level.


Discounted only TODAY!

PS: This prefab was created for TornadoTwins by Alex, a pro FX & tech artists that has been responsible for the particles in games for Marvel, etc. This is a pro at work.

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Indie license 15
Commercial license 35

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hi guys, your cart only can hold 1 item .. boost your revenue and fix that little bug .. best regards ;-)

on February 23, 2011


@Artcue That's the first I hear that... on my end it works fine, tried all browsers on Mac... What browser/OS are you using? Do you get a Javascript error or something? ^E

on February 23, 2011