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Compatible with: Unity iPhone/iPad 1.7

Streamline your workflow with modo2Unity 2.0

modo2Unity is a set of modo scripts designed to streamline your pipeline by quickly exporting FBX files from modo 501 to Unity. The script exports only mesh Items and Group Locators and thus provides you with a clutter free mesh in Unity.

However, modo2Unity is much more than a simple export script. It will also automatically bake animations on any meshes that use constraints as well as freeze scale transforms on any mesh items that have been scaled to avoid extra draw calls in Unity.

You can use modo2Unity's options menu to set all meshes to export with one unified material so that your mesh will be setup to batch and share textures in Unity as well as changing the Unit System in modo to match Unity’s default scale for modeling.

For information on installing modo2Unity and its usage, check out the video tutorial.

*modo2Unity 2.0 requires modo 501 and above

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Past the scripts here: All you need to do is place the config file and the icon in the Luxology>Configs folder and the scripts in the Luxology>Scripts folder. A short cut to the Configs and Scripts folder is to open modo and go to the System menu bar at the very top of the UI and choose Open Config and Open Scripts. This will get you to the folders you need on OS X or Windows.

on March 5, 2012