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RapidUnity Scripting Reference

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Compatible with: Unity 2.6 and 3.0

The RapidUnity Scripting Reference document has been designed to help new and advanced users alike.

While I have been learning Unity, I have found it time consuming to find answers to seemingly simple questions regarding scripting syntax. I therefore started creating this document as a way to record my findings. Over time the amount of information within the document has grown, and will continue to grow as I learn more and more about Unity.

The problem with scripting is you find a way to do something (for instance change a GameObject’s position or rotation) and then a few months later you will be writing some scripting code and you want to do the same thing, however you cannot remember the exact syntax, or, even worse, find in which script you previously wrote the lines of code.

Now there is a solution to this! In this guide you will find snippets of scripting code that perform a particular action or actions.

This document is not a user guide or training manual, it is more of a quick reference guide!

Table of Contents


Understanding Program Flow Script Event Handlers Script Compilation Order

Accessing/finding GameObjects within a Scene Searching/Recursing entire scene for a GameObject (New v1.2) Getting and Setting a GameObject name Changing a GameObject’s position, rotation and size Creating a GameObject Primitive Accessing Scripts attached to GameObject’s Accessing the Components of a GameObject Adding Components to a GameObject Adding Lights (New v1.2) Creating New Empty GameObject’s Connecting GameObject’s together within the Scene Hierarchy Copying/duplicating GameObject’s

Reading the Keyboard Reading the Mouse Buttons

Reading and Writing Text Files

Loading a Scene at Runtime

Re-using assets, and creating Prefabs

Ways to Pause a Game or Application

Split Screen and Camera Switching

Runtime GUI Scripting Loading Resources Connecting/linking Scenes together via a Menu System

Editor GUI Scripting Getting and Setting the active GameObject EditorGUI Common Dialog Boxes Enabling/Disabling GUI Controls Editor Styles (New v1.3) EditorGUI Foldout Control (New v1.3)

Web/Standalone Player Options (New v1.2)

How to make your own Skyboxes in Unity (New v1.2)

Making use of the Physics Raycast (New v1.3)

Reading Joystick Buttons (New v1.4)

Alternate Project Loading on Startup (New v1.4)

Smarter Coding – Using Functions (New v1.4)

Change skybox in code, actually any of the Edit Render Settings parameters (New v1.4)

Working with SubStrings (New v1.4)

Gizmos (New v1.4)

Added on November 21, 2010 in Code


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Is there any chance to meet this reference guides in C# version?

on December 16, 2010


Actually, I am in the process of updating the guide with both javascript and C# for all code snippets. Will be a while before I am complete though.

on December 16, 2010


In wich format comes this along? Textfile, pdf, scripts, whatever?

There are Version numbers at some features so when i purchase today do i miss everything you add in the near future? Or do i (automatically) get updated version also (for a certain time) once purchased?

on December 19, 2010


The scripting reference is delivered in PDF format, and you receive the latest version which includes all previous updates and topics.

on December 20, 2010


(you receive the latest version which includes all previous updates and topics.) Thats clear to me. My Question was when you do further updates like you mentioned above (Actually, I am in the process of updating the guide) after my purchase if i can somehow get the newest version? Or do i stick to the (old, incomplete) Version i buyed?

on December 20, 2010


Sorry, yes all future updates are completely FREE to existing users, and have been since I released v1.0 of the guide.

on December 20, 2010


So when a newer version is released you will receive the new version via email.

on December 20, 2010


Nice, Purchasing then.

Sorry for Offtopic but can i pay with PayPal? I don't have found an Information about the Purchasing Proces yet.

on December 20, 2010


Nice, Purchasing then.

Sorry for Offtopic but can i pay with PayPal? I don't have found an Information about the Purchasing Proces yet.

on December 21, 2010


There is absolutely nothing in this guide that you can't read yourself in the Unity scripting reference, or the unity forums themselves. Over 2/3 of the content of this guide are links to existing documentation, and the rest are lazy, one-line descriptions to the links you'll be asked to follow.

Avoid at all costs.

on April 6, 2011


@silverfell Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the guide is actually very good, finding some of the topics covered in the Unity documentation is not easy, and this guide is meant to be a quick reference guide, I use it all the time myself, I can never remember syntax to do the simpliest of things in Unity, so my guide is great for quick look up. Plus it covers some great topics, such as dual screen, changing skybox textures at runtime and common gamobject functionality. Sorry the guide was not for you.

on May 16, 2011