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RapidUnity Array Wizard

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Compatible with: Unity 2.6 and 3.0

The RapidUnity Array Wizard is a Unity Editor panel that allows you to quickly and easierly create arrays (copies) of objects in all sorts of formations within a scene.

Array Wizzard allows you to select between 5 different types of array, Linear, Area, Volume, Radial and Cascade.

Each of these different types of array, allow you to arrange GameObjects within your scenes, quickly and easierly, and in various formations.

A Linear array is one that is formed in a line, either up, down, left, right or diagonally, spacing between GameObjects can be specified as well.

alt text

An Area array is one that is formed in a grid, either up, down, left, right or diagonally, spacing between GameObjects can be specified as well.

alt text

A Volume array is one that is formed in a mesh, and is defined by rows, columns and planes, spacing between GameObjects can be specified as well.

alt text

A Radial array is one that is formed in circular directions, and is defined by degrees.

alt text

Using the Array Wizard could not be easier, simply select the type of array you wish to create, then click through a few steps selecting your options via the wizard interface, and hay presto!

You can also group your arrays together by selecting Group Copies.

The uses for Array Wizard are endless, from laying out pillars in a greek monument, to constructing a flight of stairs, or laying slippers for a railroad track!

Array Wizard is another great tool within my RapidUnity suite, helping you to speed up your development in Unity.

New in v1.1 are two user requested features, the first is Snap to Surface, this feature will automatically snap each object in your array to the surface within your scene. The new Snap to Surface feature works with Linear, Area, Volume and Radial arrays.

alt text

The second new feature is Add Random Noise,this feature allows you to specify a Seed value, which will then add some randomization to the position of each of your object copies.

alt text

This is great for adding that extra touch or realism to your scenes, as objects in real life are not always exactly positioned apart or in line.

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nice product greg, would be cooler with real time rather than shooting in the dark then clicking finish =). I can tell this is really going to speed up placment for stuff like fences, lamps and various other nice scenery!

on November 23, 2010


Forgot to mention you cant seem to duno when using linear, this is rather irritating if your trying to get a right value as you must go back and delete by hand.

on November 23, 2010



Hi Matt, to answer your comments, your suggestion about having realtime results, that you could then click a Finalise button or something is cool! I will investigate the possibility of adding this feature.

Again, an Undo feature would also be cool, not sure I would need it if I got a realtime preview added.

However my suggestion for now, would be to group all the arrays you create, then you just need to delete one GameObject from the Hierarchy panel.

Thanks again for your feedback!


on November 23, 2010


I like it. I am thinking of all manner of uses, cemeteries, street lamps (or any thing else that lines a street), fields of crops/orchards, cars in parking lots, and on and on. Good job!

on December 1, 2010


Speaking of the graveyard idea, it'd be nice to have a function for multiple different prefabs to be randomized rather then just the one object. It would be odd for a graveyard to have the exact same model for each marker. Shouldn't be all that hard to implement either. (an array gameobject instead of just a single game object) Just a suggestion. It would also work with something like the pillar example, with random different broken pillar pieces or whatever.

on December 17, 2010



Thanks for the suggestion, it is now on my to do list for Array Wizard updates!

Great to hear fantastic ideas like this from yourselves.

on December 17, 2010



Hey Greg, did you ever update the package to support multiple prefabs as per Caliber_mengsk's comment? I'm looking for this type of functionality right now.

on November 1, 2011


Sorry @Pneill, I have not updated ArrayWizard with that functionality at this time, I am busy with other projects, so I cannot say when I may get the chance to add this feature.

on November 1, 2011